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 welcome to my site.Look for new news!!!! everyday.

 sooo coollllll.see whats up with them.

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Hey this is my site.please look for how to treat best friends and for my chat room to talk with your own friends.Also,look for the news and whats up with your world today.look for a few of my songs that I like and maybe you will like them too!!ILL update my site almost every day to keep the news going.ALL your fav.things that you like music,art,news,drawing and more of what you love!So come on in and follow up. DONT BE LATE FOR THE NEWEST NEWS


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 Hey guys just wanted to tell you that on this youtube adding video you can also search up your own videos.I tried to upload a song i really like but it didnt work.but heres the song any way.Utada Hikaru{simple and clean}.ALSO utada hikaru {sanctuary}.THANKS

srry i didnt tell you how to get to your own videos.HERE is how you do it. At the end of the bar line there is a little arrow pointing up.click on it and the only thing that shows up click on it.then there is a sign that says You TUBE.Next to it is a search bar search for what video you want and then you know...play it.Hope I helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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